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Steve Madden Troopa are bold, luxurious and stunning boots which will show you leading personality. These women's boots have absolutely eye-catching looks and no matter where you go, they will never go unnoticed. They have been made from the top notch and rich materials which offer durability and comfort. These shoes also have the premium built quality which allows you to wear them for long time without any fatigue or stress. These boots have the upper made from the premium leather which has the stitch details on the top. The upper can be cleaned easily to make these boots looks box packed. The upper has the classic stitch details on the top which adds durability and ultimate looks to these boots. The upper also has the cap toe maximize stunning looks. The lace up closure on the top along with 9 metal eyelets allow you maximum secure, snug and personalized fit. The upper also has the zipper closure which enables easy and convenient on and off wearing. These boots have the interior lined with the leather which has the natural ability to keep the feet abrasion and blister free so you can wear them without socks or tights. The lining also ensures fresh, dry and odorless wearing by drawing the moisture off your feet. The footbed has been cushioned from front to back to give you maximum evenly distributed comfort on your feet. The footbed has been wrapped with the leather which makes the footbed smooth and durable. The outsole has been made from the rubber which is strong and rugged. This outsole has been designed to provide traction on various surfaces for non-skid, secure and stable walking. The outsole offers durability and long lasting wear. These boots have 1 inch high heel. The shaft is 8 inches tall with 12 inches of circumference. They weigh 15 ounces as per size 6. You can find this style in these colors: Cognac Leather, Brown Leather and Black Leather.


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Product Reviews

 Flirty & Edgy from New York, NY

Although these were a bit pricey in my opinion, I wanted to spend a little extra money in hopes of getting a better quality pair of combat boots than my last pair. The heels of my last pair fell off within a few months. At first, I was a bit disappointed when I got them in the mail. They ran too large and there was a lot of space in front of my toes. It also didn't really look that good on me. However, I didn't have time to buy another pair, so I stuck with them. I added inserts in them, and now I wear them almost every day. The inserts must have helped with the comfort because I don't get any blisters or anything at all. The real leather also makes it look really good, and I love the way they look now! Definitely a great buy, and hopefully, I will wear them long into the future!

A Vintage Rebel from Canada

These booties are cute and really in right now, but they're WAY too common. I see these everywhere I go, and the majority of my friends have these. I bought them two years ago, I wear them a couple times a week, and they're still in good shape. They peel a bit after a while and get scuffed up but I'm sure you can repair that. These go well with skirts, jeans, shorts, etc and I think they're a really practical alternative to just walking shoes. However, I find they're not well insulated and keep my feet cold during the snowy winter.

Qiana from Massachusetts

These amazing boots came 5 days ago in the mail and I haven't taken them off since! They are so beautiful. They are a bit darker in places than you can see in the the picture. It appears that the picture has been photo shopped to look like the boots are all the same color. I think they are a lot prettier in real life. They have a tiny bit of a difficult entry/exit but I didn't put it as a con because it becomes easier with wearing. I have gotten a TON of compliments on the boots. They go with everything and they are so comfortable! I've gotten so much use out of them already. I'm so glad I bought these!

 Briony from Las Vegas, NV

I bought these a few days ago and they're really great! First, the color is amazing--it's like a distressed vintage, which makes it look whimsical and casual--and it's really adjustable. You can lace the boot any way you want--you can make it looser, tighter, etc, and the best part is that you don't have to replace every time you wear it; there are zippers so they're super easy to take off and on. So you can adjust these shoes to whatever you're wearing--leggings, jeans, tights, etc. I have bigger calves, so the adjustable lacing is absolutely perfect. These shoes are a little narrow for me--I also have wider feet--but some of the reviews said that they stretch out, so that's good. Because my proportions are not ideal, it's hard for me to find boots that fit; however, these are a charm! Although they are a bit pricey, I think they're definitely worth it in terms of functionality, practicality, and style.

Megh from Upstate, NY

These boots were probably the best money I've ever spent on shoes. I bought them in cognac almost a year ago now, and put these through the ringer. I've worn them at least 100+ times since, and I live on a college campus so these boots get a lot of mileage, especially through mud and puddles, etc. I have not had an issue with the bottom pulling away as some mentioned, but I have found that the leather is thinning on the very outside of my foot near my pinky toe, though I'm not very good about caring for the leather (I pray it won't be the end of these because I'll HAVE to buy another pair!) Otherwise, these boots are amazing! I didn't have a problem breaking them in, and once they were, they were as comfortable as slippers. These are my absolute go-to footwear now - they look fantastic with skinny jeans!

Nice girl trying to go Rock!! from Oregon

So in boots from this brand I'm usually a size 9, but I went a size 9.5 because other reviews said that they are too tight and you need to go at least half a size up. Which I'm glad I did because they fit perfect! So ladies, please do get half a size up when purchasing! Not only that but when I wear these to school all the time and get tons of compliments everywhere for being super cute military boots! The problem is that when I walk in them for too long, my pinkie too starts getting red and I almost get a blister. Then the bottom of the heel isn't very well made, its practically hollow. I almost acquired a hole there but its not so bad so I still wear them and really, who is going to look at the bottom of the shoe? well I've had these shoes for 10 months now and I still love them. I tell people that they are my favorite pair and they look at me like "what??" haha these are super cute shoes!!


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